You, the user.


We do not take a "one size fits all" approach. Andelin was created to give you - the user - the latitude to store, curate, and share information as you see fit.

Looking for some guidance? May we suggest:



Children + Teenagers

If you are a child, Andelin allows for guardians to co-curate a legacy for you. We will provide a place for you to save detailed information about the ppte's of your early life, and give you a hand in learning what is important to add and what is not.


Young Adults

If you are a young adult through mid twenties, you will use Andelin to save memories and stories during your formative years. Create a group with strong ties from your highschool or college years.


New parents + Children of Baby Boomers

If you are starting your family, you are likely also watching your parents get older. Use Andelin to preserve ties between young and old. Make sure your parents memories of ppte's are stored securely and not lost. Save the moments of your children's lives in a thoughtful way.


Baby Boomers + Beyond

If you are older and ready to downsize or offload some of the items you have carried with you through life, you can use Andelin to ensure the stories are not lost, or to indicate to whom you may wish those items to go for safekeeping. Use Andelin to make an accurate representation of the life you have lived, as remembered by you.



If you are a collector of things, use Andelin to store provenance data about each item in your collection. Add value by documenting the history of the items that you cherish.