We are Andelin.


What if you could have one safe space - free from ads, free from distractions, and free from the trivial? A place to safeguard your treasured memories and stories, shared only with those close friends and family of your choosing?

So began the initial conversations about Andelin amongst a group of friends in NE Minneapolis. Social media has become too overwhelming, every aspect commercialized ad nauseam. A noisy space crowded by negativity and the banal. We have lost control over our own narrative. There had to be a better way. A more positive, multi-dimensional approach to sharing and preserving your memories. Thus began Andelin.

We are doing things differently here. With Andelin, we make a promise to our users:

  • No targeted and intrusive ads. Our platform remains clean, streamlined, and simple with the sole focus on you and ease of use.

  • You have complete control over what you share and with whom you share. There is no “one size fits” all approach.

  • We will not sell your information to a third party.

  • Andelin was created to be an accessible platform for all. Complimentary accounts will have ample storage to take part in Andelin.

Our platform is driven by you, the user. A way to catalogue your life, your treasured possessions, and your special memories. For a memory should not be a pop-up in a news feed, but housed in a loving and considered way. 

Welcome to Andelin. We're excited to have you here.


Sam, Jim & Sarah