Welcome from the Team


There is so much that goes into creating a business. Coming up with the concept almost seems like the easy part. It's the execution, with the many minute details, that holds both the thrill and the stress of executing an idea into tangible form.

We hope with the Andelin blog to share some behind-the-scenes info on this day to day process. And, some of our more lofty goals in creating the Andelin app.

All of our work stems from a desire to contribute something of value to this world. Something that will spark the nostalgia of old, a sentiment that often gets lost in today's mass-consumption, digital world. Why not use the tools of today to protect and treasure the many memories that make up our lives. Giving those memories a certain permanence for other's to enjoy, or maybe just captured before they are forgotten.

We are excited to have you along for this journey. Stay tuned.

Sarah Anderson