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The power of Andelin.



Andelin makes storing and sharing your memories more meaningful. By drawing connections between the people you've known throughout your life, the places important to you, the things with which you have a connection, and the events that bind them all, you as an Andelin user are able to take control of the stories that make up your life. Placing special emphasis on the stories related to the objects that surround you allows you to curate a more permanent and meaningful record of your history and the shared history of your friends and family.

Andelin connects people, places, things and events in a way familiar to scrapbookers and family historians by harnessing the power of the phones most of us carry daily.

What Facebook and Instagram have done for the sharing of the immediate, Andelin accomplishes for memories tied to our past, present and future. Attach stories to an object, stories vital to the understanding of that object’s meaning to you and your family.

Share the stories we remember of those long gone before we to are not around to tell them. Build a digital archive of an event with rich layers of connection and purpose attached to the people, places and things that made that event possible. Ancestry is important. Sharing the growth of your family is important. Decluttering your memories and preserving them for yourself and future generations has importance beyond measure.


Take a precious object.


A Typewriter's Story 

Grandma Grace’s beloved typewriter was inherited by her son, Fred, and then passed down to his daughter, Sydney.


Bring to life the heritage of treasured items, people, and places through meaningful connections.



Use video, audio, or written text to preserve your memories. 

Listen to Fred's story about his mother Grace's beloved typewriter, which was handed down to him upon her passing. A loyal sidekick for many years during his career as a successful journalist, the typewriter now finds a home with his daughter, Sydney. 



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